Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Everyday Drink

My wife and I've invented a nice drink for ourselves to chug down throughout the day to stay hydrated. We've always had filtered water to drink, but this drink adds a nice flavor and doesn't have any downsides (as far as I can tell).

Here it is:

A pint of filtered water
1/2 teaspoon of stevia blend
a splash of chlorophyll
4-5 drops of vanilla

It makes a really nice drink. Stevia is a sweetener that does not mess with your blood sugar and actually works to stabilize your glucose tolerance (click for a study on that).

The taste is a slightly sweet, minty flavor. If you use too much stevia, it will taste bitter. But the normal taste of stevia is very agreeable. It is not an acquired taste, just a nice sweetness.

Stevia has an interesting story over the past twenty years. This book tells the story of how the FDA actually tried to ban it, acting on commands from the sugar industry. Imagine the impact of a natural (not chemical), calorie-free sweetener coming along that was cheap to produce (it grows natively in the U.S.). It would kill the sugar industry instantly. They are right to be afraid.

As it stands now, stevia can be sold as a "dietary supplement" but they can't say it's a sweetener on the label!! How funny is that?? Also, stevia cannot be an ingredient in any product, it has to be sold separately and the customers can then put it into their own recipes.

Here is a nice stevia cookbook.

Anyway, we're now thinking of adding boiled ginger to our drink. I'll let you know how that works out. It seems like it would be a great, non-carbonated ginger ale, which was always one of my favorites when I used to drink soda.

The price of stevia at this time (2006) is still quite high. The jar I usually buy costs $20, but the good thing is that it takes more than 2 months to use the whole thing, because you use such small quantities at a time. Still, it's too high. As stevia is grown more and more in the U.S. and Brazil and other countries, the price will come down 80-90%, I'm sure. My naturopath says you can grow it at home. I'm going to try next spring.

Try the drink! Even just stevia in water is nice too.

For breakfast, we often eat tofu scrambler. It's a high-protein, vegetarian meal that is quite tasty, especially if you add garlic and a little ginger to this recipe.

Actually, with garlic, ginger and turmeric, this recipe has all three top cancer-preventing herbs as recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil in his new book "Healthy Aging."


eve said...

Hello, that sounds like a great drink. I too am a stevia fan, and add the flavors to my water and the kids so they drink more water throughout the day. Sweetleaf stevia has a vanilla creme liquid stevia that sounds like what you use in your yummy mix, my fav is the grape liquid stevia. Thank-you for sharing your recipe I want to try the green liquid you mentioned. Peace & Love & Health to All!

Holistic Economy said...


Thanks for your great comment. I will definitely try the vanilla creme and grape flavors. I tried the raspberry chocolate - liked that one too.

I started using artificial vanilla but my naturopath said don't, because it is basically the same thing as anti-freeze. Oops!

If you happen to come back to this post, could you let me know if you know any good stevia expert that I could interview on my podcast? I'm looking for someone who has written a good book on it, or who manufactures stevia. I'd love to promote this as much as possible.

Let's use sugar to power our cars, as ethanol, and take stevia internally!

eve said...

That would be great, sugar powered cars....maybe we can convert coca cola to power trucks!

I have a great friend who has his PHD in Naturopathic medicine whose opinion I value more than any regular doctor or FDA representative, so I see what you mean about the artificial vanilla. I wish we could open the eyes of more western medical doctors so they would recommend stevia instead of artificial chemical sweeteners. I feel as if it is now my mission to make others aware of the harsh side affects chemical sweeteners may cause after recently learning about so many people who have had serious problems that went away after they stopped poisoning themselves.

I do know of an expert on Stevia, his name is James A. May. He wrote "The Miracle of Stevia" and he is the founder of SweetLeaf Stevia. He is also one of the most sincere health advocates I have ever met. His passion for teaching and helping others gain health knowledge is so amazing, we need more people like this to help make a difference. You can reach him at 480-921-1373 x 302

Good Luck, hope this helps and great job on helping to make a difference!!!!!

Holistic Economy said...


You are a life saver!! I was trying to get an interview with the founder of Stevita, but they haven't been returning my e-mails.

I will definitely contact James May and see if I can interview him on my podcast. Incidentally, my podcast is called Holistic Health Nation and is available at

Thanks Eve! What a great help you are!

eve said...

I checked out your website, very informational! I love the holistic health life style, I would never go back to my old un-knowing ways about health and nutrition. Holistic Natural Health is the life for me and I appreciate learning, listening and reading from your sites. Thank-you for being one of the health healers who offers people truth and knowledge about holistic healing!

Holistic Economy said...

Thanks for the great compliments, Eve.

I just finished interviewing Jon Barron, who is an incredible wealth of knowledge. The podcasts of that interview will be out in 3-4 weeks. I'm so excited getting all these cool guests on the show. I'm learning so much in the process.