Friday, January 27, 2006

Enrollment in Health Savings Accounts Triples

The L.A. Times reports that enrollments in Health Savings Accounts tripled in last 10 months.

This is a very significant uptick in usage of this important tool for our healthcare. We're finally beginning to take advantage of the triple tax savings in HSAs, and taking charge of our own healthcare in the process. As I've written in my book, Health Insurance Off the Grid, HSAs are an important piece to the health insurance puzzle for the self-employed, unemployed and underinsured.

I'm going to write an article very soon on exactly how HSAs will point many more Americans in the direction of holistic healthcare. This may seem like a non-sequiter, because HSAs do not cover most holistic practices, but I'll show in my article how the two are closely linked.

More to come!


Aaron said...

I've read that HSA use has tripled to 3M in the last few years and that of that increase, 30% have been people previously without health insurance.

Look,…anything that helps the disadvantaged or those seeking holistic medicine is a good thing. A famous study by the RAND corporation found that people with high deductible insurance had health levels just as good as people with low deductible insurance.

H.R. 2355, sponsored by John Shadegg is another an innovative way to help people cope with health insurance costs.

Holistic Economy said...

I agree 100%, Aaron.

The HSA is a major part of the solution to our healthcare crisis. It combines personal responsibility, help for the poor/uninsured, and tax savings.

I hadn't heard about H.R. 2355, I'll have to check that out.

Holistic Economy said...

I just checked out H.R. 2355. Yes!1 This is exactly what I'm talking about. Several states, like New York and New Jersey, have messed around with their health insurance rates to basically make it expensive for everyone. This Bill would allow health insurers to offer policies from better states to those in the disadvantaged states, like NY and NJ. It is a great Bill. I hope it passes.

Anonymous said...

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