Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Holistic Health Nation Podcast Is Live!

We did it! The new podcast "Holistic Health Nation" went live tonight with our first podcast episode.

The URL for the podcast is The podcast feed is:

If you have subscribed to podcasts before, you know what to do.

If you haven't, here are some steps for you.

First, you need a "podcast catcher." This is a piece of software (usually free), that you can install on your computer to automatically receive new episodes of podcasts.

The best software for this is Apple iTunes. Yes, this is the same software that allows you to move songs to your iPod. iTunes works on Apple Macintosh and the newer versions of Windows. It is a great podcast catcher. Once you have iTunes installed, just click on the Podcasts link and choose the ones you like. Holistic Health Nation will be there under the Health category. Type in "Holistic Health Nation" into the search window.

If you don't use Macintosh (OS x) or a newer version of Windows (NT, XP, etc.), then you might need to use a different podcast catcher. Try Indie Podder. It is a free download too.

You can also listen to the podcast right on the Website. But if you like it, you'll need to subscribe through a podcast catcher like iTunes or Indie Podder.

Please have a listen! I'm so interested to hear what you like and don't like about the new podcast. Another one comin' next week!

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