Sunday, April 24, 2005

Marketing is the Reward

I realized today that I use marketing as my reward for getting other work done.

I need to come up with 100 more article names to submit to as marketing for my book. But I have two billable projects that I need to work on today too. So I'm rewarding myself that after I finish the billable work, I get to work on the article names.

When did I become a marketer?? (I used to be a techie.)

My New Blog

This is my first time on Blogger. I got tired of paying $50 a year on UserLand, so here I am!

My old blog was "Holistic Health Phreak."

This new blog is going to follow similar lines to the old one, except now I'll be able to have user comments. UserLand wasn't allowing me to do that, for some reason.

The scope of this blog is a little wider than before. Rather than just talk about holistic health practices, practitioners and remedies, I'm opening this up to discussions about how the economy is and will be affected by the holistic viewpoint.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!