Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Today Was a Day Worth Blogging

What a day! I was so happy today with everything that went on. I just have to tell somebody!

1. I went to my regular Toastmasters meeting. The two speakers were so fabulous! My friend, Hong, did a speech on "What Makes Us Smart" where he challenged the meanings of "street smart" and "book smart." It was a great speech. Then Larry, another Toastmaster, spoke about how he had just found out that his dad was not his biological dad, and how he was headed out on a plane tomorrow to meet his biological dad. Talk about an emotional speech!

2. I realized that Hong, my co-author on a new book, and I could have virtual meetings using a Web word processor called, and Skype. We can both be editing our manuscript online at the same time, with the changes merging automatically, and we can be talking through Skype at the same time. Both products are free.

3. Apple announced a new system to make podcasting super-easy. Just in friggin' time for my podcast! I love those guys. Since it seems like I'm the first person I know to use it, I'm going to blog my experiences with it. It is a combination of Apple Garage Band and iWeb (a new product within the iLife product set). I went to the Apple store T-O-D-A-Y to get the new iLife package and install it on my system and my wife's (see point #4).

4. Apple also announced that they have upgraded iPhoto and .Mac to handle photos and photo albums on the Web much better, which helps my wife's business tremendously. I just bought a Mac mini for her business last month, so this is (again!) perfect timing.

5. I've been selling a book or e-Book at a rate of about 1 book every 3 days, which is a new record for me. I don't know what has supercharged my sales, but I ain't a complainin'!

6. I made a pot of chili using this recipe last weekend that is probably the best dish I've ever made. It is sooo tasty! (I might have made a few tweaks to the recipe, but I can't remember exactly what.)

7. My friend called me to tell me he is living his dream, only ten years after he articulated it to me originally. His dream was to start up a computer center in Southeastern Ohio, in a county that is economically depressed. This is where he grew up, and he's always wanted to come back after he gained enough industry experience and start a big center that would employ lots of local people at good wages for basically unskilled work. And he's friggin' doing it. He's living the dream.

8. I listened in on a conference call with the Ezine Queen, Alexandria Brown, which was very helpful. Her Internet marketing system is really great.

9. My first podcast guest, Patty Shipley, has agreed to be interviewed next week for the podcast I'm releasing on January 25. Patty is a naturopath who is currently being investigated by the Dietetics Board of Ohio. The fact that she is willing to talk about this experience is a testament to Patty's courage. Please join us on January 25. I'll publish details on how later in this blog.

This all happened today! What an unbelievable day. I'm pooped! My wife and I had an excellent walk around the neighborhood. In fact, my heart rate was going so fast before we even started that it actually slowed down as I exercised with her. We usually take one trip around our "long block" (about 22 minutes) but this time I coerced her into twice around the block and even another half-way trip, so we were probably out there for an hour. I needed that time to wind down. I feel like I've been drinking tea all day, but I haven't had a drop! What a rush!

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