Saturday, December 31, 2005

Will Podcasting Destroy Radio?

I think it's possible that the podcasting phenomenon might damage or destroy the radio business. Radio will still exist, but in a crippled state.

When you think about it, radio is pretty crippled right now. It is in the last throes (thank you, Dick Cheney!) of a slow demise. The massive consolidation that has happened with Clear Channel, Cumulus and Infinity scooping up so many radio stations across the country and homogenizing them to the point of absurdity.

George Carlin put it best, when he said ---

  • "Please. Save me from people who've been told what to like and then like it. In my opinion, if you're over six years of age, and you're still getting your music from the radio, something is desperately wrong with you. I can only hope that somehow MP3 players and file sharing will destroy FM radio the way they're destroying record companies. Then, even though the air will probably never be safe to breathe again, maybe it will be safer to listen to."

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