Saturday, January 07, 2006

Adam Curry Mentions My E-mail

Well, I guess I've hit the big time!

Adam Curry, the "Podfather" of podcasting talked about an e-mail that I sent to him a couple of days ago.

I had read in the book "Clean Power Revolution" by Troy Helming, that biodiesel was actually the first fuel used in the diesel engine by Rudolph Diesel. He hadn't conceived that we would use petroleum products in it, his vision was that we'd use renewable fuels, like vegetable oils.

In fact, Mr. Diesel actually used peanut oil for the first few years in demonstrations of his new engine, including his demo at the World's Fair in 1900.

Petroleum was actually an after-thought.

Anyways, I e-mailed this thought to Adam Curry and he read my e-mail on the air on his program "Daily Source Code" Episode Number 311.

It was a thrill for me. My wife is already tired of hearing about it, so now you get to hear it!

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