Friday, January 20, 2006

The Yes Men

There is a group of young men who are impersonating officials of the World Trade Organization and often getting away with it.

They operate a Website that looks suspiciously like the World Trade Organization's Website. Naive conference organizers around the world accidentally send e-mails to these tricksters, who then respond by coming to the conferences and speaking in front of large groups and spouting the funniest, spoofiest speeches.

A movie was made of their exploits called "The Yes Men." It's currently running on Showtime. It takes a Michael Moore-ish look behind the scenes of the Yes Men's operations.

The Yes Men try to create their speeches in a way that reveals the truth about what the WTO really stands for. They say the things that the WTO people want to say, but have to hide.

It's incredible fun. I think you'll love this movie. I don't necessarily agree with their pure liberal ideals, however I just love the artful, creative way they've found to say it. It's people like this who help us forge ahead in the world of ideas and policy, NOT the glassy-eyed bureaucrats.

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