Saturday, January 14, 2006

George from Desperate Housewives

Here's the dream I had last night.

First of all, I went to sleep asking that I get a message about "what I need to do with my life."

Then I get this dream.

George, the homicidal pharmacist from Desperate Housewives, played brilliantly by Roger Bart, was the main character in my dream.

In it, I was basically some sort of wedding planner, trying to figure out what shoes the bride and groom should wear, getting the flowers arranged, the church, etc.

I don't know who the bride was, but something makes me think it was someone similar to my wife, Tamara.

Anyway, so George is meant to marry this pleasant, beautiful woman, and I'm arranging the whole thing.

What's the meaning here? It seems pretty obvious to me! George, as a pharmacist, represents the Western medical system to me.

Here is my view of the Western medical system:

  • It's homicidal. It can't stop killing people, just like George.

  • It's on a downward slide.

  • Underneath all the violence and psychopathic behavior, it just wants to be loved, and it deserves to be loved for "who" it is.

  • It will strike down anyone in its way.

  • It has a good heart.

And the beautiful, pleasant woman in my dream, who reminds me of my wife (although I don't think it was her), represents the holistic healthcare system:

  • Successful, but still kind of underground.

  • Beautiful, attractive, nice to be with.

  • Has a poor self-image.

  • Thinks everyone else is smarter and more successful.

  • Wants to be loved too.

So it's my job to bring these two love-birds together. What a friggin' match! Yet, I have to do it.

I know I'm going to be misquoted on this many times, so please let me qualify this on the spot. I DO NOT think that doctors are homicidal. I don't think hospital administrators, nurses or anyone else in Western medicine is homicidal.

I think the Western medical SYSTEM itself is homicidal. It's a fact that this SYSTEM is homicidal. It kills people, 225,000 a year (2004), to be exact.

But I like doctors. I've liked the doctors I've met and those who are my friends, and those I know professionally, including the doctors who are my Board of Advisors. What I'm saying, however clumsily, is that this Western medical system must be changed. Killing so many people unnecessarily has to change.

I just heard of a friend's mother who went into a hospital after suffering a heart attack. She recovered from the attack, but then contracted a staph infection in the hospital, and the hospital sent her home saying "Well, there's nothing we can do" and let her die at home --- from the staph infection that they gave her!!

This woman was in poverty, so it's possible the hospital administrators decided that she wouldn't be able to pay for them to treat the infection, but isn't it terrible that they're the ones who gave it to her??

Anyway, the system must change. And, perhaps, the way it will change is for George to find the love of a good woman. I hope so.

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