Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fox News Is Making Stuff Up

Fox News has been reporting that the Dow Jones Average went down during a speech by the President when the stock average actually went UP. Hey, Fox-holes - it's one thing to show the "other side of the story," but you can't just make stuff up to suit your purposes!

Wake up, Fox! We can tell when you're lying!

All this after showing a six-month old clip of Joe Biden and pretending that it was current (shows at the end of the clip).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Beautiful Truth - Movie Review

This is a good movie to see for anyone even slightly open to
alternative medicine / holistic health. It was interesting to hear the
success stories of people who were saved by Gerson Therapy, which I
don't doubt a bit (I know people who have survived cancer using similar
means). However, I wish the film hadn't given the impression that
--everyone-- gets better with Gerson, which of course isn't truth for
any therapy.

It surprises me that some people are still so hostile to the fact that
changes in diet can change a diagnosis like cancer. If you think about
how you got cancer in the first place (just coincidence??? just
genetics??? C'mon...) then it is easier to think about diet as cause,
complication and/or cure. I guess it will just take time for more
people to come around.

The movie was pretty well done. Very heavily biased towards the
positive side of Gerson, very little airing of people dissenting
against it, just a few seconds of those interviews, and unfortunately,
focusing on guys like Stephen Barrett, who have been completely
discredited in the medical field. I wish they would have had some good
back-and-forth discussion on the pros and cons of Gerson without just
throwing up a straw man like Barrett who is so easy to disparage.
Unfortunately, stuff like Gerson Therapy tends to be a very emotional
topic for Western medical specialists, so it must have been hard to
find a person who could talk intelligently and somewhat calmly about

The movie tries to make this a personal journey for this young man, as
he discovers what is going on with Gerson Therapy and food as medicine.
I think the movie was paced nicely and it wasn't too preachy. Overall,
quite good.

8 stars out of 10

Friday, March 06, 2009 Return Policy Stinks

I ordered two shirts from a few weeks ago.  The shirts arrived but the two shirts for my wife fit much, much smaller than expected, probably 3 sizes too small.  Not normal. We decided to return both of them and get our money back.  

Oops!  No returns from Snorg!!  Well, that sucks.  So then we decided to just get the men's sizes instead, which we could judge from the shirt I ordered (which did fit).  But then we found out that Snorg wants the customer to pay for shipping for returns BOTH WAYS!!

These were some expensive shirts by the time we were done.  Nice stuff, the shirts are from American Apparel, but that return/exchanges policy really sucks.  Next time we're going to use somebody else (although I still think the Snorg girl above is superhot).

These guys are big advertisers on, which is where I saw them.  Too bad their policies are too customer-hostile.