Monday, January 02, 2006

Podcast Coming January 25 - Holistic Health Nation

Well, I'm finally jumping into the podcasting pond.

I'm going to air my first podcast on Wednesday, January 25. I'm calling it "Holistic Health Nation."

It will follow along with the topics you've seen on this blog, although I'll be sticking more to healthcare in the podcast, and not straying into renewable energy (and such) quite as much as I do here.

The first podcast will include an interview with a naturopath, some talk about the Health Freedom movement in Ohio, and a "Citizen Health Tip."

Plus, there will be music! I'll be tapping in to the Podsafe Music Network, which is a great resource of excellent music that is available to podcasts. Basically, the podcasters help promote the artists, and the artists provide their music to the podcasters without charging for each spin.

The music will be a range of stuff, from new age to alternative rock.

I hope you enjoy it! Listen in on January 25.

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