Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finding an HSA

I've had many people ask me how to find an HSA. HSA stands for Health Savings Account.

My response is that they are available everywhere. You can get an HSA at your health insurance company (like State Farm), your bank (like National City) and you can also get them online.

I've personally used State Farm, where I get my health insurance (I'm self-employed and so is my wife). But I recently switched to start using an online service called HSA Trustee Services. I've been really happy with their service so far, and the investment options are EXCELLENT. I can invest some of my HSA money in bonds, stocks, mutual funds, you name it.

That was my big reason for leaving State Farm. They only allow investment into a money market account.

If you're interested in more about HSAs, please take a look at my book "Health Insurance Off the Grid," which is about combining health insurance, the HSA and holistic healthcare into the "perfect" health plan.

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