Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Firefox Image You'll Like

Here's another Firefox image worth remembering. Yes, Firefox is "eating" into the market share of Microsoft's IE browser. I think current figures stand at around 10% market share for Firefox, up from nothing just a couple of years ago.

When I look at my own Websites, the Simplicity Institute Website has 7% Firefox visitors, Health Insurance Off the Grid has 17% Firefox, and Bikini Guru has 11% Firefox. And those numbers have been steadily increasing too, which validates the overall picture we've been seeing.

Many technology Websites and podcasts say that they get about 50% Firefox visitors, which tells me that the technology people are ahead of the curve and advising their own customers, family and friends to switch.

So let me just throw in my two cents. If you are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Download Firefox (or anything else!) and start using it. IE is too dangerous to use, even the U.S. Government has warned against it!!

NOTE: The link to the U.S. government warning is not a hoax. And even though that warning was issued more than two years ago, do not believe anyone who tells you IE has been fixed since then and that there's no problem. There is still a problem. I have heard that the newest IE version under Windows Vista (unreleased version of Windows coming up in 2007) may fix the problems, but for now, it is still not safe to use IE.

And for e-mail, nobody should be using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Use Thunderbird instead, or, if you're on a Mac, use Macintosh Mail, which comes with Mac OS X.

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