Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dell and Apple Laptop Batteries Being Recalled

Dell and Apple laptop batteries, made
by Sony, have, on VERY RARE OCCASIONS,

There is no need to panic.

But you should definitely look into whether
your particular laptop battery needs to be

Pictures of the explosions are
and here:

For instructions on what to do, click the link below corresponding to your laptop brand:

For Apple

For Dell

Follow the instructions on the Website. Check
for your laptop's model number in the lists.

Please be patient, these Websites are
getting hit HARD, so you may get an
error message if their servers are too busy.

If that's the case, try the Website
again later.

The actual danger to you is very minimal,
there are only a few instances of actual
explosions, so just be patient.

This does not affect ALL Dell or Apple
laptops, so you just need to check if yours
is on the list.

Here is a USA Today story on this issue.

As I said, there is no need to panic or worry.
I just want you to go to these Websites and check
if your computer is involved in the recall.

I will be providing updates and answers to questions on this blog for all Simplicity Institute customers.

Check this blog periodically for the answers to questions
that I hear back from you.

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