Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bill Maher is a Juicer

In Rolling Stone magazine this month, there is a feature article on Bill Maher, the comedian who hosts Real Time on HBO.

I was interested to find out that Bill is a very holistically-minded person. He juices daily, veggies and fruit, and takes care to eat right. He doesn't see Western doctors at all. It sounds like he goes to a naturopath, although he didn't say that specifically.

"Since I stopped seeing doctors, I never get sick, not even a cold."

This explains his fury at the pharmaceutical and fast food industries. It was a great article.

This is a link to the article online, however it is not the entire article, and it is missing the part where he discusses health.

Also, Real Time is back on the air as of tonight! I'm so happy. But I couldn't believe it when Bill's normally hysterical "New Rules" actually bombed. They were terrible. His ending monologue was on Pluto! Of all the pressing issues, he chooses Pluto?? And the rest of the jokes didn't go off well, either. I had trouble even cracking a smile, when usually I'm cracking up.

And Christopher Hitchens was a surprisingly lousy guest. Here is a guy who wrote a book on Thomas Jefferson. He started out by describing himself in the "Top 1% of the intellectual elite" and the proceeded to give the audience the finger THREE TIMES. Very intellectual.

Oh well, maybe new writers, or maybe Bill's a little rusty after so much time off.

I'm sure he'll be back in form next week.


Jody said...

Hi Daryl,

I too have been waiting eagerly for the return of Bill. I thought the opening monologue had some good jabs. Also I totally agree about Christopher Hitchens, what a J@ck@$$. I did enjoy the interviews with Elvis Costello and Spike Lee. I missed the Levees documentary the first time, so I have it Tivo'd for this week. And sadly yes, the New Rules were flat. Oh well, I am glad he is back!

Holistic Economy said...


You're right, the opening monologue was very good and so were the interviews.

Thanks for your comments!