Friday, August 11, 2006

Ambrotose or Ambritose??

I was getting a lot of hits on the word "ambritose" on my Website, which confused me because I didn't even realize it was on my site!!

It turns out that when I took a set of notes from a meeting we had a couple of years ago called "MD Panel on Cancer" one of the doctors mentioned this glyconutrient, and when I noted it on the Web page, I spelled it wrong.

My spelling was "ambritose" but the correct spelling is "ambrotose." Everyone else who was spelling it wrong when searching on Google were visiting my site.

So I got a good explanation from a source that I trust on the subject, to post it here for all my fellow misspellers!

I talked with Mari De Zago, who is a Mannatech rep. I've known Mari for over a year. She lives and works here in Columbus, Ohio.

Ambrotose is a plant-based blend of the eight necessary carbohydrates that our body needs for proper cell-to-cell communication. Ambrotose is a product in capsules or bulk powder that has recently received a patent from the US government. Currently, about 20 other countries have recognized this patent.

The science of glycobiology has been validated in labs around the world and in the US. There are glycomics centers which have been established by grants from the NIH (check out the list of participants in the Consortium for Functional Glycomics, or CFG, funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, or NIGMS), to further study the health benefits of the sugars.

Mannatech makes no claims that Ambrotose, or any supplements that contain Ambrotose can cure, treat, mitigate or ameliorate (improve) any health conditions. However science has established that there is a connection between nutrition and good health.

Thousands of journal articles and studies have been gathered together by the Research and Development staff of Mannatech and are posted on the award-winning website, My suggestion for a first step of due diligence on a nutritional supplement is to check out the science behind the products. Re: Ambrotose and Mannatech's other products, that site is

The search engine can provide information on effect on specific diseases, general educational articles, or specific ingredients in any of Mannatech products (just type in the name of the product). (Daryl: But spell it correctly!!)

Additionally, there are many testimonials that speak to a wide range of health benefits. However, they are NOT posted on the Science education website.

If you desire more specific information, I would be happy to provide that for you.

Mari De Zago, Worthington, OH

Thanks Mari!

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