Saturday, July 01, 2006

We'll Know Holistic Healthcare Has Made It When...

We'll know that holistic healthcare has succeeded when we have companies where holistic practitioners can work that will offer salary and benefits.

My wife, Tamara, had a total brainstorm today. She said that it's so interesting that most people, MOST people, who go to college to learn a profession, come out and work for a company. This makes sense, because they shouldn't have to take the risk of becoming their own company immediately after graduating.

However, in holistic health, almost every single grad must come out and immediately start their own business. That's very difficult! They must know marketing, sales, bookkeeping, taxes - you name it - in order to even do day-to-day work in this field.

The day when someone can graduate from massage school, or polarity school or Barbara Brennan's School of Healing and come out and work in a company for a salary with benefits - we'll know we've made it as an industry.

What are the intermediate steps to this goal? Or is it a worthy goal to you?

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