Monday, July 31, 2006

Two Products that Changed My Life

I know what you're thinking. I'm going to blog about some new techno-toys, but no.

These are two ordinary household products that have absolutely changed how I live. Both of them were introduced to me in the past year.

First is stevia. I use Sweet Leaf Stevia products to sweeten my daily glasses of water to make a really nice drink. They have just normal stevia, but they also have very neat flavors. I like Vanilla Creme and Raspberry. But I really love the Root Beer flavor. It takes me back to when my parents would take us into town (we lived on a farm) and we'd go to A&W for root beer and hamburgers. That was just heaven.

The second thing is Miracle II. Yes, it's soap. Miracle II is a type of soap that is made from certain ingredients from coconuts and stuff. It is antiviral, antibacterial and yet it doesn't contain any bleaches or antibiotics. In fact, you can drink it. In fact, you should drink it. It is a neutralizer, so when you're using it, it is neutralizing the odors, the stains, whatever. When you drink it, it is neutralizing your body, bringing its pH value back to normal.

I just love Miracle II, using it as a soap, floor cleaner, shampoo, toothpaste, you name it. This is just my personal opinion, but I am a very happy customer of this stuff.

I sprayed a little Miracle II on our yard plants this spring, and I was really surprised at the results. Our lilac tree blossomed for the first time since we planted it eight years ago. Our hedge started popping out some type of pears, which we had no idea it was even capable of. That hedge has been here since we moved in 10 years ago and it's never had any indication of fruit!

I did a podcast with Steve Heilich a few months ago. He is a Miracle II rep. That was very informative for me, and several listeners have commented saying the same thing.

Anyway, these are two things I love - stevia and Miracle II.


eve said...

Well i just love your passion for these products, I am the same way, when I find a product that i love and think would enhance the lives of others i just have to tell the world. I already am a huge sweetleaf stevia fan, but I am not familiar with Miracle II soap, do you join a company and order from them or can i find it at whole foods? Thanks for sharing:)

Holistic Economy said...


I so look forward to your every post to this blog.

Thanks. Yes, I'm am very passionate about Miracle II and stevia.

The Miracle II, unfortunately, is mostly a network marketing product, so you have to go through someone to get it. I don't think it's available in retail stores like Whole Foods. It's not in my Whole Foods store here in Columbus.

I suggest you contact my friend Steve Heimlich. (He doesn't reimburse me in any way.) He's a great guy and I like sending him the business. Plus, he is as non-salesy as you can imagine. And he offers a unique starter kit, giving you all the little spray bottles, foamer bottles and stuff that you need to keep it all straight. As far as I know, he's the only one who does that.

His e-mail is and his phone number is (513) 312 5146.

I did a podcast interviewing Steve about Miracle II. If you're interested, click the link below:

Hey, by the way, Eve, your recommendation that I talk to Jim May at Wisdom Natural Brands was a great idea. I just did my interview with him yesterday, we talked for over an hour. I'm going to put the interview onto my podcast ( in 6-8 weeks. The only reason I'm waiting so long to put it live is that my interviews are so backed up right now. I've talked to so many interesting people and recorded it all, I'm running out of slots each week to put them in! (A good problem to have.)

eve said...

Well great, I'm so happy you had the chance to get an interview! I did check out the podcast about miracle II and it was very interesting. I will definitley e-mail your friend since you speak so highly of this product. You know I will be checking back here every so often so keep me updated on all your exciting news! Have a great weekend:)

yodasmith said...

I enjoy using SweetLeaf stevia, too! I love to play with the flavors--I use the vanilla creme the most, but I love the chocolate one, too! Sometimes ue the root beer flavor in sparking water! Toodles!