Saturday, July 01, 2006

Post-Health Freedom America

I tend to think of things "from the end," as Stephen Covey says, so I've been thinking about what it will be like once we pass the Health Freedom Bill in Ohio and the idea takes hold in the entire U.S.

And I've realized something that is almost guaranteed to happen.

Yes, we will have lots of good things for holistic practitioners and, especially, for consumers.

But there will also be something unpleasant.

A backlash against Western medicine.

It is something easy to predict that once the American public realizes the pain, suffering and death caused by today's Western medical establishment, there will be a mighty movement against Western medicine completely. People will use their newly-found holistic services, but they are quite likely to "punish" their Western MDs for holding them hostage all these years to medical practices that were more dangerous than necessary, more costly and less effective.

And this is really, really bad. Western medicine has its rightful place within holism, and we should not cut it off at the knees at any time in the future.

I'd like to begin thinking about how we can avoid this backlash right now because it WILL happen.

I guess one idea is to embrace any of the establishment doctors, hospital administrators and even FDA executives who are even the least bit willing to think about holistic means. That way, maybe we can show that they were involved in the changeover, and that they should NOT be "punished" by being driven out of healthcare completely.

Other ideas??


Primal said...

I love your blog! I'm definitely blogrolling you!

Holistic Economy said...

Thanks Michelle! I appreciate it very much.