Monday, July 17, 2006

My UML Podcast

By the way, I did start my Unified Modeling Language (UML) podcast a few weeks ago. I call it "UML in Seven Minutes."

I just uploaded podcast #11. I'm using this podcast as a very basic starter guide for people learning the UML. Right now, I'm doing a tour of the UML diagrams one by one - class, use case, sequence, communication/collaboration and state machine so far. The rest of the diagrams will come next.

I'll also be getting into topics about Agile development, Rational Unified Process, iterative/incremental lifecycle and much more.

This has been a fun project. It has been a great challenge fitting a description of each diagram into seven minutes, but I think it's worthwhile for the listeners, especially considering the comments I'm getting back.

If you're interested in the Unified Modeling Language (i.e. you're a computer software analyst, developer, tester, etc.) please check out my "other" podcast at

Also, I have a related blog at Click here to read my "other" blog from my "other" life. In my "other" life, I was co-author of the book "Use Cases: Requirements in Context" which has sold a surprising 20,000+ copies.

I've enjoyed keeping in touch with my former associates in the software development field ever since leaving it officially in 2002. The UML podcast is a way to continue stay connected with that world.

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