Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hyperstrike Virtual Personal Trainer

You know I spend time thinking about what it means to be holistic, or to be pursuing wellness, etc.

One thing I really think is holistic is just getting exercise. You can do it yourself (in fact, you HAVE TO do it yourself), it energizes all your systems, it helps many chronic conditions. Fitness is holistic fitness.

I wrote about the Hyperstrike virtual personal trainer a few weeks ago on this blog.

As usual for me, I used my virtual personal trainer at Hyperstrike faithfully for about a week, then had a set of classes that I had to teach over the weekend, which got me out of my new habit, and that was it.

I'm starting again. I've nabbed a tacky little banner from Hyperstrike that you can use to click over to their site. My indiscretions aside, it really is a good service. It's free and it gives you an incredible variety of exercises for warm-ups, cardio, strength and stretching. I had no idea most of these exercises existed. I'm glad to have the videos that show how to do them in motion, otherwise I think I'd be lost.

Ha! It looks like the banner doesn't always work to click to the site so you can just click here to go to Hyperstrike.

Have fun with it! It really is a lot of fun, very motivating.

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