Thursday, June 15, 2006

What a Friggin' Day! I Love This Job!

I was in contact with two fantastic people yesterday. First, a guy from the Acupuncture Society of Colorado interviewed me about health insurance and holistic health. He's the head of the Society's insurance committee, and so he was googling around the Web and found my book. We did the whole interview through e-mail. He was so excited about the concepts I introduce in my book, I knew he really "got it."

Then I got a call from someone else who purchased my book recently. His name is Steve Gorman. He owns the insurance agency in California called "Alternative Health Insurance Services."

Steve was also excited about the concepts I raise in the book. And he wants to find some way we can partner. Here is a guy who has created an insurance agency dedicated to providing insurance to people who like alternative medicine. He tries to find policies that cover as much as possible (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc.) and then tries to find ways to help even the out-of-pocket expenses (naturopathic, supplements, hypnotherapy, etc.). He even started a to provide them with good group benefits, but he was basically sued out of existence with that by insurance regulators. They hated what he was doing.

So here are two of the coolest people in the country and they want to talk to me! It was a great day.

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