Friday, June 09, 2006

Naturopath Charged By Chiropractic Board Fights Back

Cynthia Rosi has written a great article on her blog "Holistic Woman" about Dan Nuzum, a naturopathic practitioner in Northwestern Ohio.

Dan Nuzum's story is pretty well known in the holistic healthcare community, but Cynthia did a number of interviews of the players involved and has some good perspectives on the issues.

Dan was charged by the Chiropractic Board a couple of years ago with practicing chiropractic without a license. They shut down his business in a day and dragged him through various legal proceedings. Eventually, Dan was vindicated, but the Chiropractic Board owed him nothing for shutting his legitimate business down for all those months.

Now Dan is suing the Chiropractic Board for his losses.

Anyway, read Cynthia's article on her blog. It's excellent.

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