Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Add This to Your List of Fake Diseases

Now we find that 16 million Americans suffer from Intermittent Explosive Disorder.


People getting angry is now a disease?

Yep! Someone is inventing diseases again. Just for the hell of it? No way. Invent a disease and then you need a drug for it. In fact, as soon as you invent a disease for an otherwise normal condition, such as kids not paying attention or jumpy legs, and now you need a DRUG.

And what's this based on? Psychiatrists asked a bunch of people if they've had more than 3 angry episodes in their lives. That's the groundbreaking study that proved that IED exists and must be treated.

Check out this article. It defines this so-called disease. Then, at the end, it recommends all the different drugs you need if you have the dreaded Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

It's a perfect plan. Too bad we noticed.

Here's the article from NewsTarget that called my attention to it. As always, Mike Adams writes his very specific criticisms of the "invent a disease" approach of Western medicine.

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