Sunday, June 11, 2006

Alex Mandossian's 5 Reasons Every Business Should Be Podcasting

Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian talked about five major reasons why businesses need to be doing podcasts:
  1. If the marketing message isn't portable, the marketing message is dead.
  2. A marketing plan without a podcast element is like a movie studio that refuses to distribute their movies on DVD.
  3. Our search habits are moving from Google to iTunes and Podcast Alley.
  4. Not offering portable options two years from now will be considered an insult to your customers.
  5. The customer who consumes your content on their terms is a very happy customer indeed.

To me, a podcast is a great way to market products and services to a tightly focused group of perspective customers. I love doing podcasts, and I've found that they've helped me sell books and services.

And my podcasting audience seems very happy with the results. They're learning stuff for free, I'm selling stuff, and I'm connecting with very cool guests in the process. What fun!

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