Thursday, December 22, 2005

Edgar Cayce

I've been reading an old, old Edgar Cayce biography lately called "Edgar Cayce - Sleeping Prophet."

It's really good. I had known something about him, but not to this level of detail.

Edgar Cayce was born in Kentucky, USA. He grew up in a fairly poor family. Quite early in his life, he found out that he had a tremendous amount of knowledge that he could tap into by going into a trance-like sleep.

Soon, he became known as a "seer," and people from all over the country came to him for readings. His accuracy rate, especially for health problems, was very high. Also, all his readings were documented in extensive detail and are available today on the Web (available mostly for free).

Edgar Cayce is an interesting figure. I do not doubt that he was able to help people by diagnosing illnesses and prescribing cures. It seems he was tapping into the "universal knowledge" in his trances, which he says is available to us all.

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