Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Simplest Remedy for Insomnia

I have the feeling that a medical practitioner should prescribe things in order from the safest, cheapest effective remedy FIRST, then move on to the more expensive, more dangerous remedies later if the first ones don't work.

For instance, with insomnia, there is a great remedy that everyone should try first. It's free and requires no training, and is perfectly safe.

Read to them. Read a book to them while they are trying to fall asleep.

It's like when you were a kid and your mom read to you. Remember how comforting that was?

This is what I began doing for my wife, who had a habit of thinking too much just as she was trying to fall asleep. My reading, in a quiet, monotone voice, helped her to quell her thoughts and just listen to the story (or article or whatever) and it works every time.

The qualifications are that the person reading must have patience to keep reading until the sleeper gets to sleep. This might take 5 minutes or it might take an hour. But it will eventually work.

It doesn't matter what you read. I often read non-fiction books (like the Edgar Cayce book I mentioned), as well as fiction. The only factor is it can't be something that is antagonistic to her - like something that is too boring (financial reports, etc.).

That's my tip for today. Isn't it ironic that I'm writing this post at midnight? I just read my beautiful wife to sleep and now I can't sleep!

Oh well.

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