Friday, December 09, 2005

I've Seen the Future of Bit Comedy

Recently, I found two video clips of comedy sketches. The difference between the two hit me square between the eyes.

One was incredibly funny, and one was not.

The first was something that was originally e-mailed to me as a video clip. Then, last week, I found it using Google's new video search engine.

It starts out as a DUI (driving while impaired) stop by the police. At first, you think this is a bit of "reality TV" but it quickly deteriorates into something else.

Click here to view the first video.

The second video was a sketch from Saturday Night Live that features a Steve Jobs look-alike talking about the new-new iPod mp3 player.

Click here to view the second video.

My impression was that the first was incredibly funny, well done and just a super piece of comedy. The second was a tired, ordinary piece of pablum from SNL that didn't make me laugh even once.

What happens from here? Do we all get our comedy from e-mailed videos, and none of it from TV old, tired shows? Probably not.

However, I think these amazing comedians who are producing bits like the DUI sketch are going to be taking over part of the comedy mindshare of all of us, and I encourage them and look forward to the results.

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