Friday, September 01, 2006

General Motors Sequel Car Runs on Hydrogen, Has Other Futuristic Features

General Motors, yes the company that is barely afloat and can't even afford to pay its employees healthcare and pensions, is developing a concept car that is beyond your dreams.

This car, originally introduced in 2002 as the Autonomy, is now called the Sequel.

It's list of amazing technology goes something like this:
  • Powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cells and an on-board hydrogen tank

  • Drive-by-wire. No steering mechanism, it's all by computer.

  • Brake-by-wire. No brake disks or drums, nothing mechanical, all computer.

  • No drivetrain. No transmission. No pedals.

  • Replaceable chassis to suit your needs. Switch your car from a convertible to a station wagon to an SUV.

  • Reversible steering column for left-side or right-side drive (in different countries, etc.).

  • Video screens to replace rear view and side mirrors.

  • Hydrogen fuel cells generate enough electricity to run your house while the car is in the garage.

  • Uses sea water as fuel into the fuel cells, exhaust is water vapor.

  • Will run for 300 miles without a "fill up" (recharging the hydrogen fuel cells)

GM is working with Shell to place 13 hydrogen refueling stations in the greater New York metro area. Hopefully more cities to come.

So, just rush to your GM dealer and...I mean, wait 10-20 years and then rush to your dealer.

But you can get a cool brochure today!


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