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Ohio Chiropractor Investigated by the Board

Following is a message from Deborah Lindsey about a chiropractor in Athens, Ohio who is being investigated by the Chiropractic Board.

I've personally spoken with Dr. Burda, the chiropractor under investigation, and I can say that he is NOT crazy, and the work he does is helpful to people (including my wife!) and he should not be put out of business.

/*Is it possible to heal people across space and time? Dr. James Burda, a licensed chiropractor in the sleepy town of Athens, OH, thinks so. The Chiropractic Board, however, does not. */

Earlier this year, Jim received a letter from the chiropractic board asking him to come in to answer some questions. When he got there, he found not just a few members of the Board asking a few questions, but a full out Inquisition led by the Assistant Attorney General himself. He was sworn in, without an opportunity to get a lawyer, and questioned for much of the day. The charges against him were unclear, but the tone of the hearing was not.

You see, Jim is not just a chiropractor. He is a healer. An energy healer to be exact. He has been called to do what is essentially ENERGETIC CHIROPRACTIC work. Through kinesiology (a.k.a. muscle testing) and intention, Jim is able to adjust the bones of the back without ever touching anyone. He simply intends them to move and they do. Or so he says. Moreover, Jim claims to do the unthinkable: he can treat someone from a distance and through space and time! Impossible? Jim doesn't think so and neither do his myriad of patients from all over the country. He calls him work Bahlaqeem.

The Board begs to differ. They say that not only is this work outside of the "scope of his practice," they claim he is crazy.

As a result of the first round of questions, the Board required Jim to visit a psychiatrist for a full mental examination. Now, it is important to note that THEY chose the psychiatrist AND they required Jim to pay for the examination, which cost $900!. (It is also important to note that Jim is practically a pauper from doing this work. He rarely charges for it and never charges if the person doesn't feel like they had results. Even if he does charge the cost is negligible. So for Jim, $900 is practically a million). If he didn't come up with the money for the exam, they would automatically revoke his license and label him as mentally ill in the records.

Fortunately, the energetic healthcare community came together and raised the funds for the exam. But as expected, the Board has now leveled charges against him that he is mentally ill and has made him a laughing stock by releasing information to the press which is not only illegal but slanderous in nature. Only NPR has managed to cover the story in a way that is even the slightest bit balanced, but even they didn't give Jim a real opportunity to tell his side of the story. I am writing in the hopes that you will consider offering a true examination of this question: is it possible to treat people across space and time?

New information in science is available to support Jim's claim. Even Einstein himself proved that time is NOT linear as we experience it, but it is actually vertical in nature. In essence, all time is happening at the same time. It's Science. It's Einstein. Not just New Age ramblings.

Also, the physics called Quantum Physics has proven that we are all swimming in the same consciousness, that consciousness is essentially non-local. As a story, there are some fascinating guests who you could call upon to corroborate this information. Most notably Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, Dr. William Tiller, Lynn McTaggart, and Dr. Deepak Chopra come to mind. Both Wolfe and Tiller are featured on the recent movie sensations, "What the Bleep Do We Know" and "Down the Rabbit Hole." McTaggart is the author of the best selling book, "The Field." And Dr. Deepak Chopra is an expert in the field of consciousness.

Now I want to say that this story is about MORE than Jim. It is about the right of people everywhere to practice alternative healthcare. The thing that is fascinating to me is that less than a decade ago, chiropractic care WAS alternative healthcare! And now that they have joined the mainstream, they have all of the rules and regulations that actually BLOCK them from exploring new ways to help people. I also think it is interesting that chiropractors all over the country are practicing Alternative Healthcare and they are ALL living in fear of losing their license by doing so. I know of several chiropractors in my own community who are offering NAET (allergy elimination), Reiki, Touch for Health, JMT, EFT, and other protocols. I also know of a chiropractor in Michigan who was fined for using WATER to help heal people (I'm not kidding) and no one came to his defense.

I also think it is important to note that while Jim is a talented healer, he is not so exceptional in the field of energy healing. There are thousands upon thousands of people in this country who are doing distance healing. They tend to hang out under the radar because people can be very judgmental about things they don't understand. If you choose to do this story, you help a lot of us, not just Jim.

Jim's trial takes place at the end of April.

You can reach him at 740-591-9857 or 740-594-3200. His email is

Thank you and Peace,
Deborah Lindsey

Self-Health and Awareness Center
6250 Grand Central Ave.
Vienna, WV 26105

Thanks Deborah, for spreading the word about Dr. Burda. It seems that his case is becoming a national issue, thanks to people like you.

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Steven L. Vanden Hoek, D.C. said...

As a fellow chiropractor I must say this topic hits home. So many of us (D.C.'s) are trying to fight the negative reputation we have within the medical community. Stories like this don't help. Personally it doesn't bother me what he is doing, but professionally it does. I have no problem with him doing this, heck, reike (sp) masters have phone consultations all the time. But when you claim to be a chiropractor, you accept all that this means - including our scope of practice. I must confess this one doesn't fit under our "scope of practice". If the good doctors wants to continue - then do so - but please, not as a chiropractor. I fight so hard to keep a good reputation for our profession so that we can be around to help people for the next hundred years. With out us, all that people will have is massage and physical therapy - both wonderful professions, but neither trained as extensively as a chiropractor.

Holistic Economy said...

Dr. Vanden Hoek,

You make a very good point. Chiropractors have struggled for a long time to position themselves as "real medicine" in the eyes of the medical establishment.

It probably does make sense for him to keep this work separate from his chiropractic work. I know MDs and chiropractors who do this type of work, but it's like a separate practice, each appointment is either one or the other, not both. In Ohio, MDs are allowed to do any alternative medicine they want, but they keep everything separate, mostly for insurance purposes.

Thanks for the great feedback.

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