Monday, April 03, 2006

Finding a Color in a Library of JPG Photos

Could anyone help me with this question?

My wife has a whole bunch of photos on her disk drive (Mac). These are mostly from a big set of CDs that we bought a few years ago that we copied onto disk.

She would like to be able to search through the photos (all JPGs) and bring up all the photos that feature a particular color - blue, let's say. This "color search engine" would be able to run through all the photos and find those that have a lot of blue, then bring them up in a window.

Google, are you listening?? This would be such a cool product to have for any kind of Photoshop person. Finding matching photos that you can use as backgrounds for stuff would be amazing. As it is, we search one-by-one through the libraries of photos, using our own visual recognition of the colors.

Ideally, this would be something we could run on her Mac Mini (OS X) and it could examine the photos on her own disk drive. Searching photos on the Web (like Flickr) would be nice too.

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