Saturday, June 16, 2007

Curry vs. Cancer

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The ingredient in curry that gives it its bright yellow color is called curcumin. This ingredient has long been known in naturopathic medicine to offer help in avoiding or reversing cancer.

Now scientists have come up with a way to embed curcumin into nanospheres, ultra small particles, so they can be injected into the bloodstream, hoping to help cancer patients.

Or, umm, you could just eat curry. Or a quarter teaspoon of turmeric in a smoothie for breakfast, which is what I do. The studies quoted in the article vastly overstate the amount of curcumin needed for health, similarly to the way studies often state a much higher amount of green tea intake than necessary.

Turmeric, the plant that contains all the curcumin, can be a bit expensive to buy. However, my trick is to go into the imports aisle of your grocery store (Giant Eagle has it) and buy a huge bag of it for a few dollars. It is a lot cheaper than buying the little spice bottles.


dbob said...


I've been making a similar smoothie for several years.
I use green tea for the liquid and also add ginger and cinnamon.

I buy the turmeric at an Indian food store and the green tea at a chinese supermarket. By buying at the ethnic food stores one gets the best prices.

Holistic Economy said...

That sounds super healthy! Cost-effective too.


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you must be the healthiest guy around from all the stuff you do.