Friday, March 03, 2006

Hugo Spowers and the Open Source Car (OSCar) Project

OSCar = Open Source Car

I met Hugo Spowers at a conference in Virginia several years ago. I was absolutely fascinated by his ideas and apparently, he has been very busy making them happen. He is definitely one of the most interesting people I've ever talked to.

Hugo is closely connected with the Morgan car company in Britain, a manufacturer of independent sports cars. Hugo's idea is to create fuel cell cars that are composed of "reusable parts" that he leases from the parts manufacturers. Essentially, he sees a manufacturing company that leases the parts from the parts makers, then they in turn lease the cars to us. We use the cars for a while then we turn them back in, and the company takes them apart and throws out the worn parts, keeping the rest and recycling them into new cars.

Hugo's car design features hydrogen fuel cells, brake-by-wire (digital), and every other new technology you can imagine. All done responsibly and cheaply.

You can read all about Hugo's ideas and action here in this article:

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