Sunday, March 19, 2006

Comedy Central and West Wing

Comedy Central is having problems because a recent episode of "South Park" taunted Scientology, and one of the cast members of South Park quit over it. As a result, Comedy Central has refused to air reruns of that episode.

In a similar story, the West Wing, a long running show that I've always loved, has just been canceled.

Slate magazine proposes a unique twist. What if the West Wing was reborn on iTunes? What if they just kept making the show, but put the episodes on iTunes for sale at $1.99? Would they be able to make enough money to keep going?

And what if South Park gets canceled from Comedy Central (a division of Viacom)? Could they be continued in iTunes pay-per-downloads?

This is so interesting. I think video blogs and podcasts would see a huge upswing in popularity if something like this happened? Suddenly, all the South Park or West Wing fans would be running for the iTunes software and frantically downloading their shows. Meanwhile, they'd notice that there was other cool stuff there too!

This is worth watching. Here's the link to the Slate story.

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