Saturday, February 25, 2006

Are Medical Boards Outdated??

Okay, so I'm still on my rant from the previous post...

This thing about "you must fit into MY concept of medicine or else you're crazy" has an even more ominous downside for society.

If medical boards are acting this way (and they certainly are in Ohio), they are actually instruments to SLOW DOWN THE PROGRESS OF MEDICINE.

If the members of a board need to be able to fit each new type of medicine they hear about into their own concept of what medicine IS, then anything that is truly NEW, that shakes the foundations of our current ideas, will be fought by the boards and most of the new ideas will be defeated by the status quo.

Isn't this a shame? I've heard that science progresses one funeral at a time, but it is really a crime for medical science to operate this way, because people will die at the hands at the status quo. People who could be helped by new types of medicine (or ancient types of medicine revisited), will stay sick or die, and the status quo will make sure that there is basically a news blackout and an advertising blackout on the remedies that could very well save people's lives.

And that stinks.

Any ideas on ways we could replace the medical boards with something more up-to-date?

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