Sunday, September 11, 2005

Podsafe Music Network - An Efficient Marketplace

I really like the Podsafe Music Network, and I now understand one major reason why.

Obviously, it's a great place to find new music, it's well organized and some of the songs are utterly fantastic.

It's an efficient marketplace.

The best artists, as rated by listeners and podcasters, rise to the top based solely on the quality of their songs. No major record promoters who are pitching sub-par material, pushing it to the top. Vanilla Ice, you know who I'm talking about.

As a result, it becomes easier and easier to find great music on this Website, because the rating system just takes over. Yes, I'm sure someone will try to hack the rating system, but the Web programmers of this site will undoubtedly overcome the hacks and keep it working.

An efficient marketplace. Isn't that cool?

The podcasts play the music for no cost, and then the listeners are driven to the musicians' Websites, where they can purchase the songs.

It's a start.

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