Saturday, September 17, 2005

Arthur C. Clarke Funds a Magazine on Cold Fusion

Arthur C. Clarke, eminent science-fiction writer, has funded a new energy magazine, dedicated to new types of energy creation technologies, most prominently cold fusion.

The magazine, called Infinite Energy, is available through subscription at their Website.

It seems that cold fusion really does exist, we just need to put some oomph! behind it and develop it as an energy source. As I've said before, our energy future is going to depend on an "energy portfolio" combining wind, solar, geothermal, cold fusion, hydrogen, hydro and fossil fuels. The strength is in the combination, and relationships, between the various sources. There is no ONE right answer.

I can't help getting excited about reducing our dependency on foreign oil. Although I'm originally from Canada, who is the number 1 supplier of oil to America, I still want to see America get rid of this economic crutch that is holding it back in so many ways. Think about the huge cost of the Iraqi war that could have been avoided if we were already working smart toward energy independence. What is it now, over $100 Billion? Wow, that would have paid for half of the reconstruction of New Orleans right there.

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