Thursday, June 16, 2005

I Hate the Phone

My wife and I agree. We both hate using the phone.

Cell phone. Landline. Conference call. It doesn't matter. We both just dread using it.

I don't really know why. We have the latest technology in speaker phones and ear-pieces to make things comfortable.

Maybe it's the thought of interrupting someone else's day. Maybe it's having to leave a message and then wait around until the person calls back.

Whatever it is, it must be bad.

The Internet is a great way to avoid using the phone, for your customers who hate using a phone. They can go to your Website and reserve an appointment, make a change to their profile, update information, or whatever.

I'm just about to use Holiday Inn's Website to book a hotel room. Boy, that used to be a pain. Now, I just click a few buttons, enter my Priority Club number, make sure I have enough points to cover the stay, and DONE!

I hate the phone. I love the Internet. Some of your customers are probably like me.

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