Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hey, Cell Phone Driver --- H.U.!!!

We've all seen them. People who are constantly driving while talking (or texting) on their cell phones. This shit has got to stop.

Talking on the cell phone while driving is equivalent to driving over the legal alcohol limit, while texting and driving increases your chances of an accident by twenty-three fold.

I have an idea. Maybe we can start a trend. Whenever I see a person talking on their cell phone, I'm going to beep my horn as follows:

**** **-

That is four short beeps, then a second, then two shorts, and one long. It is Morse Code for H-U --- Hang Up!!

Whaddya think? I think if everybody starts doing this, first of all, it is annoying for the cell phone driver, cuz people are beeping at them. Second, the person on the other end of the line hears it, so they know the person is cell phone driving.

I don't know. Could work.

If you do it, put a comment below to say how it worked.


shelly said...

Hey, Daryl, cool blog. I usually mock the cell phone talkers(which they probably don't even see because they're so oblivious)Honking is a good idea. Do you ever see T. cebriak? I'm still doing massage. i saw your link on ABMP- Shelly Sparks

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