Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cutting the Cable

Okay, we are trying something new. We stopped out DirecTV satellite TV service this month and we're going without. We are going to use the Internet and NetFlix as our only entertainment sources.

Wish us luck! I'll update this blog as we progress.

(photo by afred on Flickr)


Adam said...

My wife and I have gone without TV for years now. Sort of happened half accidentally, but we really haven't missed it except for a handful of times. A couple observations:

1) Over time, you start to have no idea what people are talking about when there is a conversation about the latest funny ad or hit show. Sometimes you can catch up on YouTube. People find it obnoxious to go on about how you don't watch TV, so now I mostly just nod vaguely.

2) You tend to lose your "immunity" to TV that comes from having constant exposure. If my wife or I are in a room where a TV is on, it is very difficult for us to not look at it. Our minds seem to say, "Oooh... shiny, moving thing, must look!"

Anyway, good luck. I don't know how people who watch a lot of TV get anything done at all.

Daryl Kulak said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the comment. Actually, that's not what I meant. We have cut our satellite TV service off but are going to use the Internet to watch movies, TV shows, etc. We aren't cutting out all entertainment as such.

I should clarify that post.