Saturday, April 21, 2007

Charging for Food Left on the Plate

There just ain't much room left in Hong Kong. For this reason, and as a gesture toward preventing global warming, restaurants in this small Asian country are now charging customers for leaving food on their plate. The food gets dumped into a landfill, starts to rot, which creates methane, which is a notorious greenhouse gas. Plus, the landfills are too big and there's no space left to create new ones.

The charge for not being a "clean plater" is about 64 cents per ounce of food left. What a surprise it must be to get your check at the end of dinner and see a charge at the bottom for what you didn't eat!

It kind of makes sense though. Every little thing we can do to create less waste is a good thing.

Thanks to Greethinkers for pointing this article out.

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