Saturday, October 22, 2005

Holistic Pet Care

Looking at the searches entered regarding "holistic" I found something that surprised me.

Many of the terms I was expecting were there - holistic medicine, holistic health, holistic doctor, etc. - but there were a bunch of terms that I did not expect.
  • holistic dog food

  • holistic veterinarian

  • holistic pet food

  • holistic pet care

  • etc.

All this stuff about pets! Amazing! Then I was forced to ask myself - Why? Why are so many people interested in helping their pets live the "holistic lifestyle." In fact, why are these search terms showing up at the top of the list of "most searched."

I think I have an answer.

I realized this when I saw my naturopath the last visit. She prescribed some very tough things for me to do in a period of three weeks. Cut out all dairy. Cut out sugar. No grains (just for 3 weeks). Exercise at least 5 times a week.

This is tough! Even to do this for 3 weeks is just murder. I'm happy to say I'm doing pretty good on this plan (2.5 weeks into it), except for the damn exercising. But that will come too.

Holistic healthcare is very difficult for the patient. It is constantly demanding lifestyle changes, and this is one of the hardest things to do. Breaking our stupid habits.

But, relating this back to pet care, I realized holistic healthcare becomes a whole lot easier when you just have to make someone else do it. You can just change your pet's food, and whether they like it or not, you've just done something holistic! Wasn't that easy?

Holistic healthcare is much easier to do to someone else than to do for yourself. I think that's why holistic pet care is just as popular as holistic human care.

Plus, we love our pets, as a man in a household with 3 cats (Teaser, Pixel and Ginkgo) can attest.

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